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06. Cost management
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Cost management

We commit ourselves to limit our operating costs in order to guarantee:

moderate expenses Our travel expenses are tightly calculated: second-class train tickets, reasonable meals expenses limited to a maximum of 30€, limited hotel expenses...

We try and reduce the costs as much as possible.

We also favor faxes to registered postal mail, written acceptance of the court decisions to notifications by a bailiff and cut all costs as much as possible.

moderate fees Our operating costs are limited in order to guarantee the lowest possible cost.

That is why we use the services of a call centre, which reduce the charges for an equal quality.

Our references are exclusively in an electronic form, thus saving on the amounts of paper we use. Moreover, our computerized legal database is updated in real time which makes research quicker and easier.

The money we save on reducing our operating costs is constantly reinvested in our continuous training or reference documents.