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06. Dismissal, Labour law
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Dismissal, Labour law

illustration pour licenciement travail We help, advise and defend you in all labour law matters: whether it is a dismissal, unpaid salaries, infringements of legal dispositions, we can file on your behalf the appropriate applications and defend your interests before the Industrial Tribunal (Prud’hommes)

We can evaluate the damage you suffered and act accordingly to obtain compensation.

We can also advise you and defend your interests in case of harassment.

Furthermore, if you are an employer, we can also defend your interests before the Industrial Tribunal if one of your employees brings an action against you.

We can also advise you from the very beginning and draft any document, especially all communication concerning the dismissal procedure in order to prevent any risk of subsequent disputes.

Our interventions in labour law concern the private sector as well as the public sector, including contract employees working for the French Administration.