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04. Expenses
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Expenses are to be paid at the end of the procedure, according to a summary, except in case where legal aid is involved, according to the following fee scale. The Court fees for pleadings must always be paid.

The client has to reimburse the expenses advanced by his Lawyer. These expenses are independent from the fees to be paid.

With have a strict policy focusing on reducing the expenses to their maximum, whenever possible, according to the following fee scale:

  • Court fees (pleading) : 13 euros.
  • Service of submissions
    (only for ordinary Court – TGI ) : 2.73 euros.
  • Travel expenses (outside Dijon) : 0.46 euros/km + toll fares.
  • Time of travel 70 euros / hour beyond one hour.
  • Train : second class ticket (upon justification) .
  • Photocopies : 0.17 euros/page.
  • Postage : 0.53 euros/letter.
  • Registered letters with recorded delivery : upon justification.
  • Bailiff’s fees : upon justification.
  • Hotel : upon justification, limited to a maximum of 100 euros/night.
  • Meal expenses : upon justification, limited to a maximum of 30 euros/meal
  • Instructing lawyer : upon justification.