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14. Police custody
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Police custody

Hommage à Jossot Anyone being held in police custody is entitled to be assisted by a lawyer, according to the legislation passed on April,14th 2011.

In this case, any hearing is postponed during two hours.

The person held in custody has the right to talk with his lawyer, confidentially, during 30 minutes before being questioned by the police.

The lawyer has access to some documents i.e the notice of placement in custody, the medical certificate, the previous statements of hearing and is allowed to takes some notes.

If the person held in custody requires it, he can be assisted by his lawyer during any police hearings, which is highly recommended.

At the end of any police hearings or confrontation, the lawyer is entitled to ask questions which are written down together with the answers given. He has a useful power to give directions in the investigation.

The lawyer is also able to annex written comments to the statements, which requested him to be well organized, to be available and be highly responsive. It should be kept in mind that the police custody phase is essential in a criminal file and that the lawyer has an important part to play.

The 2011 Act constitutes an important progress due to the assistance given by the lawyer which guarantees the respect of his client on physical and moral integrity.

The person held in custody will no longer be alone facing the policemen. The lawyer makes sure that the declarations of his client are faithfully written down.

The lawyer checks that the statements of his client are legally made. Our firm has experimented this new field and is able to assist you at any stage of the police custody, which is essential in view of a potential trial.