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03. Successor of Paul Blagny
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Successor of Paul Blagny

Paul Blagny First Name : Paul

Surname : BLAGNY

Doctor of Law

No longer practicing lawyer


Paul BLAGNY took oath as a lawyer in 1960.
Like his father, he became a solicitor in Civil Courts in 1971.
He became a barrister after the legal profession reform.
Paul BLAGNY practiced in several fields such as enforcement means, inheritance, civil law.
He retired at the end of 1984.
Jean-Christophe BONFILS was a trainee lawyer in Paul BLAGNY’s office while he was attending Law school.
Our law firm is based in his premises when he retired.
Paul BLAGNY is living in Hotel Maleste and is remaining in regular contact with our law firm, in order to bring his experiment and advice whenever required.

(See also Jean-Christophe Bonfils - Eloïse Fournier)